Films, bags and papers to guarantee maximum food safety

ESTUDI GRAF, S.A. offers packaging solutions for food industry, supermarkets, restaurants and retail. We grow with our customers in the development of increasingly innovative, safe and efficient packaging.


Vegetal Premier is a paper with a bio-wax barrier coating based on vegetable oils. Sustainable alternative to replace paraffin coatings, preserving the same barrier properties. Contain vegetable biopolymer substances from 100% renewable sources, sustainability produced and recyclability and repulpability. It provides a price-competitive and environmental friendly alternative. Made of paper pulp or kraft paper, it is suitable for the meat, sausage, cheese, fish, bread, pastries, fruits and vegetables packaging.

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The MINIUM 4.0 vacuum bags are manufactured with 50% less plastic than traditional vacuum bags, keeping the same properties: excellent solderability, excellent mechanical strength, high brightness, transparency, etc. They are a respectful alternative to the environment.

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New food paper called Bio Premier®, with biopolymer coating totally biodegradable and compostable under the OK COMPOST Tüv Austria certificate.
Unlike the current market roles with laminated, laminated and paraffinised coatings, it contains a biopolymer from 100% vegetable sources. This means that once the packaged product is consumed, the paper can be deposited in the organic waste container. It is a respectful alternative to the environment and greater protection in the packaging and transportation of food.

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Find us in the Alimarket magazine

This month of November, you can find us again in the Alimarket magazine. Thanks to our constant investment in innovation and developement, we have appeared again in this outstanding online magazine. As specialists of flexible packaging, we strive every day to be able to offer the best products and the best service to our customers. Helping […]

The look set on the future: trends 2019

 “The packaging trends for 2019 reflect the attitudes of consumers, the actions and buying behavior more usual and more potential for the future in global and local markets.” says David Littenberger, Global Packaging Director.   Packaging trends for 2019 are summarized in four main trends: Customization of packaging: Increasingly, the packaging speaks to the consumer, […]


From April 16th to 19th, ESTUDI GRAF has participated in the Alimentaria Fair 2018 in Barcelona, together with all the companies of PACKAGING world group. Within the most important event of the year in the food sector, we have presented the latest developments in flexible packaging for the food industry. Specifically, specific products have been developed for fresh meat, […]