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ESTUDI GRAF, S.A the corporate name of Sistemes d’Embalatge was born in 1988 in Girona after more than 30 years of experience by its founders within the packaging industry. The company specializes in providing food packaging in different sectors as food industry, large-scale retail trade and restaurant industry.

Since the beginning our philosophy is attend to our client in all the packaging process, that’s why we offer different products and why we deal with the development of national and international market.

We offer packaging solutions which meet market requirements and at the same time are innovative, sustainable and safe. We purchase excellent products with the highest standard of quality in product and service.

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Commercial network

We collaborate with over 600 national and International suppliers in the development and distribution of exclusive products.

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We have different warehouse for fabrication and distribution for a total amount of 7700 m2. We have at your disposal a huge variety of products in stock for a delivery service fast and efficient.

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We work continuously to develop products which respect the environment and are even more ecological and sustainable, and based on techniques and materials that minimize the waste.

tecnologia empresa

Food technology

Development of more innovative packaging, in front of the high requirements in food security to increase the product’s shelf-life and reduce the food waste.



ESTUDI GRAF, S.A., as a company specialized in products intended for foods and no-food packaging has different certificates approving its management system.

The ISO 9001 certifies that our products satisfy the quality requirements of our customers, our total concern for continuous improvement and compliance with regulations and requirements applicable to such products.

The ISO 14001 guarantees that our management system minimizes the effects on the environment because of our activity, in addition to compliance with applicable regulatory requirements, and that attempts by the continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

The AA-grade BRC certification means that our products comply with food safety requirements, thus reinforcing our involvement in offering products with the current requirements of the food industry. .

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quality sistem

Quality system is the quality mark of ESTUDI GRAF, S.A. Our quality department is responsible for reviewing, monitoring and doing the analysis and tests to ensure that all products comply with all quality requirements.

ESTUDI GRAF, S.A certifies and guarantees the maximum quality in all the products.