Project Description

VSP Vacuum Skin Film

Highly versatile multilayer film for skin packaging.

The vacuum skin packaging “second skin” offers a greater protection to the packaged food, increasing its useful life and guaranteeing its food safety. It is a completely invisible film with high brightness, giving the consumer a more attractive presentation. For this reason, it is the most optimum packaging for the packaging of premium products.

Main advantages:

  • Packaging increases the product’s shelf life, thus minimizing returns and reducing total packaging costs.
  • Excellent sealing properties, even in areas with oils and fats in a wide area of sealing.
  • High puncture resistance, guaranteeing the integrity of the packaging.
  • Excellent formability keeps the product in place along the entire supply chain and helping to minimize waste.
  • Optimization of the packaging, helps to reduce the storage space and reduces the cost of transport.
  • Its lightweight structure makes it an environmentally friendly choice, helping to reduce food waste.
  • High transparency and gloss for maximum appeal, helping to differentiate the product in the shelf.
  • Excellent “skin” behavior — perfect adhesion to product.
  • The product can be placed vertically, because the film retains the liquids.
  • The film allows to pack products with irregular shapes and different heights, giving the product a natural and fresh look.
  • Easy peal film to facilitate the packaging opening.

A top choice for presenting your products.