Project Description

The innovation MINIUM 4.0 vacuum bag is composed of 50% less plastic materials than traditional vacuum bags. For this reason, MINIUM 4.0 is an eco-friendly alternative to save the properties of food and created to reduce the impact of plastic in the environment and the oceans.


Ideal bags for vacuum packaging of fresh and cooked meat (boneless), cheese, sausage, vegetables and fish.

MINIUM 4.0 offers various possibilities of uses: vacuum or traditional packaging.


  • Optimum weldability.
  • High brightness and grater transparency.
  • Excellent mechanical resistance.
  • Suitable for freezing.
  • Potentiate the image of the product

Standard Sizes:

150 x 200
170 x 250
200 x 250
200 x 300
220 x 320
250 x 350
300 x 400