Project Description

We are a company that respects the environment and committed to continue developing products towards sustainable packaging. The RECIKraft product range aims to give new life to used paper, optimizing natural resources to the maximum. RECIKraft provides you a wide range of paper bags with or without handles, trays, envelopes, corrugated cardboard, etc. They are 100% sustainable and recyclable products with the possibility of customization.

Bag with handle

Bag specially designed for the transportation of any product due to its base and side gussets, available in various sizes. Made in recycled Kraft material, White Kraft, laid Kraft, and so on. Can be customized with client’s name.

Bag without handle

Bags for Pastry, Hotels, Restaurants, Fast-food, etc. This bag is made ​​with side gussets offering a choice among a multitude of measures for the various applications you want to give. Made with the material they choose: Recycled Kraft, White Kraft, Kraft laid, and so on. All of them prepared for food with the ability to customize them.