Project Description


Interleaver is a film to separate sliced food to facilitate the customer use. It can be manufactured in different materials. Its actual application in the food industry is for dairy and meat products. They come in rolls, but can also be used in formats. The diversity of widths and length of rolls depends on the machine used.

Available in three materials: OPS, PPC and CELLULOSE TR.


OPS, biaxially oriented polystyrene, is obtained by extruding pure resins and is treated with antistatic. This treatment is a requisite for the maximum food safety, ensuring bacterial clearance and increasing the mechanical efficiency and speed, for a longer life of the cutting blades.

  • It can be used in high speed slicing machinery, with excellent cutting optimization.
  • Its thickness is between 40 and 70 microns.
  • Available in clear, translucent, and white finish.


The PPC, cast polypropylene, is a traditional material for machines of medium and low speed with an excellent outcome.

  • Its thickness is between 60 and 70 microns.
  • Transparent color.


The cellulose interleaver is composed of pure cellulose specially treated to be in contact with food.

It is certified FSC / TCF, sourced from reforested lands. A sustainable, economic and environmentally friendly option ideal for sliced and packaged fatty cheeses in vacuum or modified atmosphere (MAP).