“The packaging trends for 2019 reflect the attitudes of consumers, the actions and buying behavior more usual and more potential for the future in global and local markets.” says David Littenberger, Global Packaging Director.


Packaging trends for 2019 are summarized in four main trends:

  • Customization of packaging: Increasingly, the packaging speaks to the consumer, attracts him and convinces him to buy the product at the point of sale. The personalization of the container is growing trend and can already see, even, advances as the connection of the container to the mobile. In Sistemes d’embalatge we offer the possibility to our customers to personalize a large part of our products with their logo or the marketing message they wish.


  • Rigid or flexible packaging: According to the Mintel report, Global Packagin Trends, there is a trend towards flexible packaging. The brands have seen in this type of packaging an opportunity to implement features such as the ease of use and functionality of the packaging, so important for adapting to On-The-Go consumption.


  • Eco-friendly packaging and sustainable packaging: Respect for the environment and the commitment of brands to this topic is positively valued. At Sistemes d’embalatge we are committed to the commercialization and development of sustainable, biodegradable and compostable products. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability and care for the environment is reflected in our I+D team, which is in continuous development for the application of our eco-friendly product line.


If you want more information about our eco-friendly products, you can consult the post “Bio Premier Paper“.

  • Smart packaging: To improve the consumer shopping experience, companies are betting on smart packaging. This type of packaging will inform the customer of the quality of the product, being able to indicate if the product has suffered alterations in the cold chain, if it is at the optimum temperature of consumption, etc.


Source: https://directivosygerentes.es/marketing/noticias-marketing/packaging-2019