International Day of Environmental Education

Environmental Education is a process through which we seek to transmit knowledge and teachings, regarding the protection of our natural environment, the fundamental importance of safeguarding the environment, in order to generate habits and behaviours that allow all people become aware of environmental problems. 

For this reason, it is essential to impart Environmental Education to the little ones, primary education is a key stage in the development of behaviour. Environmental education for children aims to make caring for nature a lifestyle. 

The objectives of Environmental Education are: 

  • Raise awareness and sensitize to environmental problems.
  • Promote interest in caring for and improving the environment. 
  • Develop the ability to learn about the environment. 
  • Expand ecological knowledge, on topics such as energy, landscape, air, water, natural resources and wildlife. 

Environmentally Friendly Products 

Our company works daily to raise awareness and sensitize people to environmental problems and care for the Environment. By developing increasingly innovative and sustainable products, we aim to reduce the impact of packaging on our environment, reducing, recycling and reusing packaging to create as little impact as possible.

Help us make a better world!