New food paper called Bio Premier®, with biopolymer coating totally biodegradable and compostable under the OK COMPOST Tüv Austria certificate.
Unlike the current market roles with laminated, laminated and paraffinised coatings, it contains a biopolymer from 100% vegetable sources. This means that once the packaged product is consumed, the paper can be deposited in the organic waste container. It is a respectful alternative to the environment and greater protection in the packaging and transportation of food.

This innovation provides an environmentally friendly alternative and greater protection in the packaging and transport of fresh food, aimed mainly at butchers and delicatessens in large stores.

The product was presented at the Food Fair (April 2018), as an innovative product in the Spanish market. As a novelty, it can be personalized with biodegradable inks and has heat-weldability characteristics.

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